Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Scraping the Bottom Paint

Monday we got a quote for removing the many layers of antifouling paint that  has been applied over the past couple of decades. Today we got a revised quote as it is more than the yard had anticipated, more than I thought too the additional 20% in cost is fair I guess. Alberto and Luis started removing paint using a hand scraper. They are removing two coats of antifouling and a coat of primer and from there they will need to remove two more coats of antifouling to get to the gel coat. But the top six inches or so they'll also have to remove a teal boot stripe that was painted over with antifouling when we raised our water line last year. Its a tremendous amount of manual labor and at this rate it could take a long while before the bottom is done. So the yard has another plan. The top six to eight inches will be finished by hand tomorrow so that Flavite and his crew can start prepping the hull for its 8 layers of gel coat. Once Alberto and Luis finish with the water line then they'll use either heavy duty sanders or grinders to finish removing the paint from the rest of the bottom, down to the last coat of paint which should be thin enough to finish removing by hand. My concern that I expressed to the yard is that while Alberto seems very experienced Luis does not, and a grinder in the wrong hand can do some serious damage to the hull. The other concern is not keeping a steady hand and having a bottom that ends up not being even. So David and I will put off our projects and keep a careful eye on the guys while they are grinding, probably Friday. That will give me enough time to find a mask or respirator as the dust in this yard from all the sanding is really harsh, my mouth feels like its full of chalk.

David and I disconnected the boom from the mast, stripped it of all the hardware and lowered it down to the ground so that it's ready to go for a new paint job. We also removed two more thru hulls and a depth/speed transducer which will be re-installed with new sealing compound after the bottom is sanded. We also removed some hardware from the hull that will make the gel coat job easier and in my opinion better. I ended up calling it a day at 3pm today due to a bit of heat exhaustion. I retired to the apartment we're renting and took a well needed nap. Tomorrow we'll start again at 8am with the rest of the workers.

Many layers of old paint before reaching the white gel coat

Luis working on the starboard side

Alberto on the port side working with a hand scraper

Speed/depth transducer (sensor) thru hull removed. The big 2"
hole in the boat will be filled with a new transducer.

1.5" hole where the head discharge thru hull will be reinstalled with new sealant

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